Department 09

Simon Cole F2F, OT, TT
Person-centred counselling, retreats

Department 12

Kenneth Cowan F2F
Therapeutic counselling

Department 31

James Wilson F2F, OT
Professional counselling, CBT therapy

Sarah Barcham F2F, OT, TT
Integrative counselling & psychotherapy

Isabelle Daudy F2F
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, systemic couple and family therapy

Department 32

Christine Haworth-Staines F2F, OT, TT
Chartered Psychologist, EMDR and CBT therapy

Anne-Marie Draper-Nimetz F2F, OT, TT
Counselling, psychotherapy, individuals, groupwork

Department 46

Penny Daintry F2F
Integrative counselling, Gestalt therapy

Melody Lovell F2F, OT
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Department 81

Rosette Rozenberg F2F
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy


Offers face-to-face therapy - F2F
Offering Skype/online therapy - OT
Offering telephone therapy available - TT

Department 82

Elizabeth Cross F2F, OT, TT
Psychologist, relationship counselling