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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, also known as ‘Tapping’ is a simple, non-invasive, self-administered technique used to help reduce emotional intensity and to allow the body to be less stressed and to cope more efficiently on a daily basis. The technique involves you tapping gently with your fingertips on acupressure points on the face and upper body whilst focussing on the intense emotion or sensation.

What can EFT help you with?

  • Struggling to cope with something and feelings of overwhelm

  • Feeling anxious or 'stressed out'

  • Interviews, exams, speech presentations, dental appointments

  • Phobias (such as public speaking, spiders, closed spaces)

  • Cravings (chocolate, alcohol)

  • Bad habits (biting nails, over-spending)

  • Physical symptoms (caused by stress and emotional tension) including Long Covid

  • Troubled memories

  • To move forward after a relationship break-up

  • Improvement of self-esteem

  • Children’s fears/emotional struggles

Sessions are private and confidential, I am non-judgemental and have a calm and friendly manner. I abide by the code of ethics outlined by EFT International (The World’s Leading Professional EFT Association). As well as obtaining Advanced Level in EFT, I have a BA Hons Degree in Drama and Education and worked as Nursery School Teacher/Manager before moving to France in 2005.

I work face-to-face either in-person or via Zoom/Skype. If you would like more information or a free 20 minute consultation please email me.

Siret: 750 048 464 00010

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