Homps 32120

Core Energetic Therapist
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



Telephone:  06 45 54 60 49

I am a Core Energetic Therapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. I am based in the Gers and offer face-to-face, telephone and online (Skype and Zoom) counselling.

I do not align with any specific model of counselling as I feel they all have useful in-sights. My starting point is you and the issues you want to focus on, building on the foundation of an open, trusting, non-judgemental and honest relationship.

Counselling is great if you are comfortable talking and like to mull over ideas, but you may prefer Core Energetic therapy, which is a ‘body-oriented’ therapy, if you find it easier to express yourself through your body and emotions. Core Energetic therapy is also a good option if you’ve tried talk-therapy but not found it particularly helpful.

I specialise in working with people who are dealing with transitions in their lives (major or minor), those who are seeking their life goals and wanting to move towards these, and those dealing with grief and loss, health issues and end-of-life issues.

In addition, I run retreats for people who have, or who have had, cancer. We offer a combination of yoga, meditation, relaxation sessions, complementary therapies, counselling and informal talks in the setting of a beautiful, medieval chateau. This daily programme combined with delicious, nutritious meals and plenty of time and space to rest and relax, helps guests to release the stress and trauma of being diagnosed with cancer and to recuperate from the effects of the treatment.

Siret number : 79406343800012

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