Simon Cole
B.A.(Econ) M.A.(Cllg)

Aričge, 25 minutes from Mirepoix, Pamiers, Foix

Telephone: 33 (0)561 01 52 08



Longtime senior-accredited practitioner in the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, I have provided psychological therapy and support in medical, private and online settings for almost 40 years. Course director of an accredited advanced qualification in counselling and author of several books and articles on therapy, I came to France in 2007 to build up a residential retreat centre with my wife.

Whether it is called psychotherapy or counselling or psychological therapy or one of the multitude of names of therapeutic approaches available, therapy is more art than science - it is more about the relationship within the therapeutic setting… in the same way that our wellbeing is about our relationship with ourselves within, with the others outside and around us, with our world and with our planet.

I practice and teach meditation and have written on mindfulness (and now musicking mindfulness), meditation, the philosophy of human relating, and developing a flow in our living - a Western form of the Tao.  My professional work has been grounded in the person-centred approach of Carl Rogers, uses the creativity of Gestalt, and incorporates the insights of Martin Buber in the field of human relating.  My books include “Stillness in Mind”, “Pathways” and “Just BE here”.

I no longer charge for casual or occasional sessions face-to-face or online and would negotiate a rate with you if meetings needed to be regular or prolonged.  In my considerable time in this work I have encountered a very wide range of personal and psychological difficulties across the broadest spectrum of client backgrounds and situations, so I invite you to phone or email and we will work out how I might help in the situation in which you find yourself.

I live in the Pamiers/Foix/Mirepoix triangle and prefer to work face-to-face, but, with the exception of certain issues, also work online using Skype or Microsoft Teams

You can contact me by phoning:  +33 (0)561 01 52 08

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