Department 22

Gabrielle Adaway F2F
Person-centred counselling

Chantal Anne Helene F2F, OT, TT
NLP, life coaching, hypnotherapy, virtual gastric band

Jacqueline Spence F2F, OT, TT
Counselling and hypnotherapy

Peter Mickelborough F2F
Counselling psychologist

Department 29

Barbara Hann F2F, OT
Psychotherapeutic counselling, cybertherapy

Department 56

Cara Goubalt F2F
Accredited psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, specialist in eating disorders

Liz Kerry-Reed F2F, OT, TT
Gestalt Counselling & psychotherapy

Jilly Bentley OT, TT
Online counselling and psychotherapy

Deborah Mends F2F, TT
CBT counselling and hypnotherapy

Offers face-to-face therapy - F2F
Offering Skype/online therapy - OT
Offering telephone therapy available - TT