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I am bi-national American and French and provide psychotherapy or psychoanalysis in English for children, adolescents and adults.

I have extensive training in the treatment of eating disorders and psychosomatic issues, as well as over twenty years of experience in treating depression and anxiety. I have Master’s degrees in psychology and psychotherapy from the University of Maryland, and the Université de Rennes 2, specialised training in eating disorders from the Université de Lyon 1, and participate regularly in continuing education seminars concerning psychosomatic issues (physical symptoms, such as headaches or digestive problems, due to psychological stress). My psychoanalytic training consists of a long personal analysis, and regular supervision and participation in theoretical and clinical peer-groups.

Generally, sessions are held weekly, however psychoanalytic sessions are more frequent. Psychotherapy is a treatment where the therapist and patient speak face-to-face, while psychoanalysis, a deeper process, generally requires lying on the couch, without seeing the analyst. Psychoanalysis is an intensive introspective process, which people may choose after an experience with face-to-face treatment. It allows for a more profound understanding of one’s self, changing repetitive patterns, within a supportive, interactive setting.

When treating children and adolescents, regular meetings with parents can be helpful in understanding their difficulties. These sessions are provided for no fee in within the framework of your child’s psychotherapy. The first meeting occurs after one month (three to four sessions) with your child; to provide feedback and an idea of the psychotherapeutic process. Afterward, these meetings can be scheduled upon request (about once every three to six months, generally).

Coordination with your general practitioner, or a psychiatrist, is possible. Additional help in finding and communicating with these professionals in your area is also available. Your first session is always provided for no fee. Fees are explained during the initial session.

To reach me, please call 02 97 64 63 65, or e-mail

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