Peter Mickelborough

Peter Mickelborough

I completed my Advanced Diploma in Counselling as a person-centred counsellor in 1990 and was registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy from then until I came to France in 2003. I gained Senior Registered Practitioner status with the BACP in 1996. I have an MSc in Counselling Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University and I have also taken training in various specialities including couple counselling, stress management, and working with survivors of abuse.

From 1993 I was a lecturer in counselling at the University of Salford, working there part-time in order to carry on my professional practice. I have worked extensively in the NHS, in various companies, and in private practice.

I work with both individuals and couples. I find that people have problems for many reasons. Sometimes these reasons are to do with their present lives. Sometimes they are linked to events in the past.

Counselling is not an easy process but it does offer a way forward with problems that at times may seem insuperable. It helps people look at what their problems are really about and tries to help them find solutions and a way forward.

I work in sessions that last one hour, and I usually see clients each week. I do not contract for a particular number of sessions with clients but make appointments week by week as we go along. Clients may come to me for a few weeks, or their difficulties may take much longer to resolve. This process is always in the hands of my clients.

I am happy to see clients for a short meeting before any arrangement for counselling is made. This will, I hope, help you decide whether counselling is for you. There is no charge for this. I charge 30 euros per session of counselling whether I am working with an individual or a couple.

I work from home about 10 minutes north of Rostrenen, in the very centre of Brittany.


       Telephone 0296 36 59 00

SIRET: 452 775 075 00016

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