Department 74

Sarah Anderson FTF
Psychologist offers psychotherapy, all ages

Michele Willmott F2F, OT, TT
Psychotherapy, life & relationship coaching

Kirsty Minford FTF
Psychotherapeutic counselling for individuals, couples and groups

Department 69

Emmanuelle Metcalfe FTF
Clinical psychologist, groups, families

Dana Nelson FTF, OT
Individual and group counselling & psychotherapy

Diane Webb  F2F, OT, TT
Psychotherapy for all ages, groups

Department 38

Elizabeth Stone Matho FTF
Psychoanalyst & creative arts therapist

Mia Bentley FTF
Transactional analysis psychotherapeutic counselling


Offers face-to-face therapy - F2F

Offering Skype/online therapy - OT

Offering telephone therapy available - TT

Department 26

Marie-Claire Prust FTF, OT
Psychotherapist and counsellor

Department 26

Maria Mason OT
Psycho and health counsellor and coach