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~ Nutritionist, M.Sc.Nutr.
MB-EAT (Mindful Based Eating Awareness Training)
Qualified Instructor, MBEAT-QI
Counsellor & Mindful Coach Food Behaviour
Hypnosis, NLP, Traumatism relief through Eye Movements
Weight Management ~
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Maria is Irish and lives in the Drôme in the South of France. She is, above all, a warm, understanding, non judgmental Counsellor, Coach and Nutritionist who believes that we have a human and physical potential that can be awakened, nourished and embellished if we go in search of it. She has her own private practice in the South of France for the last 13 years.

Throughout the years she realised how much her clients could suffer with food : so many diets, thoughts, fear of losing control, deceptions, so many decisions to make, so many calories to count, so many “musts”, so many temptations, so many “nos”, so many emotions, so much offer in the food business and close environments…
This brought her to look for solutions to help her clients to regain ease of mind in their relationship with themselves, their bodies and food itself, have more pleasure, be more satisfied, make better choices without dieting, guilt and frustration, make peace with nutrition, physical activity…for many, life-changing experiences.

She now offers courses online in English and individual coaching by Zoom.

Maria offers a compassionate influence to help you find your own self, your own way, your own solutions to inner happiness, health and achievement. She uses micro-nutrition to help potentialize the metabolism also.

Maria is accredited by,,, a member of, follows their code of ethics and is regularly supervised in her different practices.

How can Maria Help You in Achieving your Life-long Goals?

  • Come back to really enjoying your food naturally

  • Find your ease of well-being in your relationship to yourself, your body and food again

  • Maybe you are overweight and your Doctor or Psychotherapist recommends a healthier relationship to food

  • Tools to deal with food cravings and eating too much or too little

  • Obsessed by food and weight, spending so much time and energy on food but not getting anywhere

  • Changing your eating habits to enjoy food more and still remain healthy

  • Or maybe you are in the dilemma of wanting to stop the yo-yo effect of dieting and putting on even more weight

  • Needing non-judgmental guidance to healthy nutrition, movement, lifestyle...

Maria can help you…feel free to contact her for a free assessment session.

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Mindful-Based Eating
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