Hello and welcome to Counselling In France. The website was started in 2003 to provide details of qualified therapists and life coaches who offer therapy and coaching in English from all over France and in some other European countries and languages, working face-to-face, over the telephone and online.

This website is the main website in the group of websites comprising the Counselling In France association 87/1382. To see a list of sister websites, please click here. The sister websites include a site with information about cancer, a website offering details of therapists in Spain, five websites showing online therapists, a website showing life coaches and a website offering our members a free therapy or coaching website.

If you are a qualified therapist or qualified life coach and would like to join the website, the steps are detailed below. Please complete a submission form and email it to me with the details requested. Your work status and qualifications should be included.

Once you have submitted a form, please send details for your page in a Word document. For live links to your therapy or coaching website, please give a reciprocal link. Photos can be a jpeg, png or a gif, but not embedded in a document please. Send to:

or with WeTransfer



If you are offering online therapy, please provide a reciprocal link if you have a website, details of what you offer i.e. Skype, Zoom, Facetime, VSee, email or webcam and a photo must be provided please. You can then be shown on these websites:
     • www.talking-online.co.uk


Please try and include the following in the your page details:
An email address
Qualifications relevant to what you offer
A picture of yourself if possible
Whereabouts in France you are (or other country)
A land-line/mobile telephone number
If you offer a free assessment session

Your page MUST show one of these four things:

› a Siret number or 'siret en cours' if registering
› if you have created an association
› you work for a relevant organisation or association
› if you pay taxes in another European country i.e. "UK based"




Please click HERE for what a subscription entitles you to.

If you are a life coach, you can have a page on www.lifecoachinginfrance.com

If you are based in the UK, you can have a page on the website free of charge. However, if you want to be shown on the online therapy page or supervisors section, you will need to pay a yearly subscription.

It will be assumed that by joining this website, you accept total responsibility for the text you send in to be on your web page and also for your legal work position. If you are not registered with the Chambres des Metiers, you might be working as/for an association or be employed in a French establishment. (see how to create an association here) or you may not be charging for counselling, but Counselling In France cannot accept any responsibility for your work status.




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(what is a reciprocal link?)


If you wish to include a live link to your website from your web page or want to have your website shown on the online therapy sections, you will need to provide a reciprocal link.


If you want to use the logo, please hyperlink it to www.counsellinginfrance.com

If you prefer to use html code instead, it is shown below in red. Just copy into a text editor and insert into your web page where you want it to be shown:
<a href="http://www.counsellinginfrance.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.counsellinginfrance.com/images/linklogo.png" alt="counselling in france link" /></a>

You can also write www.counsellinginfrance.com and make it live by pressing enter straight after you have finished writing the .com






























Association Counselling In France 87/1382


1. To provide details of qualified therapists who speak English and who offer confidentiality and professional conduct and care within the BACP ethical guidelines and code of ethics or those of their professional training bodies if different.

2. To provide resources for help and support for expatriates living in France.





















































The subscription entitles you to:

  • membership of the association 'Counselling In France'

  • a web page showing what you offer

  • the ability to advertise retreats, workshops and courses that you may offer

  • entry on the Supervisors page if you offer supervision

  • entry to the telephone therapy page

  • you can be shown on the five online websites

  • you can send in any articles that may be useful to clients and will help to show clients how you work

  • If you are a life coach, your entry will be shown on www.lifecoachinginfrance.com

  • a free therapy website from www.therapist.fr