Includes - counselling, energy treatments including Reiki, ayurvedic style massage and teaching you to be your own healing guru.As a counsellor/coach, massage expert and intuitive energy healer, I offer a personalised one-to-one 4 night, three day retreat.

Food and transport from Poitiers included. Walk in the woods, swim, heal old wounds, make life changes. Ideal for anyone suffering from old griefs, divorce, loss, empty nest syndrome or wanting to move onto a brighter healthier future.

Are you Ready 4 Change?  Ready to Learn to be your own Healing Guru?

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Free Energy Scan and consultation.



We work with specialised and highly qualified teachers and therapists from a range of backgrounds who are experienced in working with and treating people who have, or are recovering from, cancer. Together we create and deliver programmes of treatments and activities designed to support you at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and at your core.



The Mind Retreat is a small centre which provides individual support and workshops to help in a variety of mental health problems or related illnesses with qualified experienced practitioners. Weekends are hosted at Gîte Les Coquelicots a large stone country house set in the calm Tarn countryside.

We adopt a holistic approach so a number of therapies are offered to help you overcome problems such as anxiety, sleep difficulties and depression.

The workshops are instructive as well as fun and teach you tools to continue using even when you leave the centre. Our workshops run from 10am to 5pm with breaks and lunch leaving plenty of time in the evening to explore the local area or just relax in the pool!

  Your Practitioners

Melissa Martyn is a Health Practitioner- City and Guilds Certified, Registered Nurse/ITEC/Nutritional therapist/PTLSS/EFT Practitioner/Recreational Therapist

“My practice combines aspects of personal awareness in anxiety, diet and exercise, with the powerful energy-psychology technique of EFT. EFT involves lightly tapping on acupressure points whilst using focussed affirmations to bring about dramatic personal change. Emotional Freedom Techniques can be applied to make any of life’s challenges easier. Doing restorative activities such as Facilitated Group Drumming, Deep breathing, Personal Awareness and EFT at our workshops puts the brake on your fight or flight response, so you will feel less rushed and stressed."

Sas Edwards is a Transformational Life Coach and Cancer survivor

“I assist people who have just been diagnosed, who are going through cancer and who are in remission. Thanks to my coaching strategy, I can help people take back the power of their body and remove any mental scars. Rise above cancer”

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counsellor, psychotherapist, trainer
author of ‘Stillness in Mind'

Le Sentier Tranquille,
Dardé, Le Taychel

Tel : 05 61 01 52 08
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As a counsellor/psychotherapist working now in Ariège (09) I offer retreats and individual or group training from the centre Le Sentier Tranquille, started by my wife and myself when we moved here in 2007.

I look on training as facilitation, a particular way of accompanying someone on a journey, helping in a process of discovery. It is true that there are a few things which can be ‘learnt’ in the conventional way, but in the area of personal growth and development, much more comes from an opening up to awareness of what is already within.

For individuals and groups I offer teaching in mindfulness and meditation, following a western school of therapeutic meditation. Such sessions can be arranged ad hoc and cost €40 per session of one hour for an individual or €20 per person for a group. I am willing to travel to your location if you prefer, though I will charge an allowance for the travelling.

You will get a feel for my approach if you follow these links:

mindfulness -

meditation -

At Le Sentier Tranquille we also offer retreat-workshops and residential retreats. They are fully catered and accommodation is in individual rooms. We take up to five for a retreat or seven if there are friends coming together who wish to share a room. They are based on the philosophy and approach of ‘Stillness in Mind: a companion to mindfulness, meditation and living’ (Changemakers Books UK & USA).

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To book, or just to talk about what you feel you want and find out more, please contact:

Simon Cole on: +33 (0)561 01 52 08 or email me at :