Hi, please help me come in contact with people in France that can assist my friend. She recently took a courageous step forward and went to the police. But as you know it is not enough. I have been living with the family in France for about 6 months and have seen domestic violence like I have never seen in real life before. She experiences aggressive verbal mental and physical abuse daily. Yesterday evening she went to her parents home and was punched in the face by her own brother repeatedly. She managed to flee the house in terror as I shut the door between them, preventing her brother to continue his beatings. She is in her forties and he is slightly older and her son is a young teenager.

This is too much for me as I have spoken to both her brother and son on a previous occasion about not using their hands to beat women but to protect women instead. She also finally had the courage to go to the police and report the abuse but even with proof the police seems limited in action. Apparently a Youth Judge can make the decision which is another 3 months away. In only two weeks her son caused over 600 euros of damage to her property and I had to restrain him twice already from assaulting his mother, but he keeps intimidating her, is verbally abusive and through destroying things he wants to show that he still has the power over her. His mother was choked and verbally abused for 10 minutes in the safety of her own home by her son, while laying face down on the floor and him sitting on her back. This only came to light when I restrained him during a incident of assault when she, in her distress, revealed the hidden secret.

At the time she told her own mother who advised her not to go to the police. She now lives with the perpetrator in silent fear and sometimes explodes because of her will to free herself. This is common among abusers who are forced to continue living with their perpetrators. Drugs have escalated his rage and demand for money and he continues to steal, intimidate, threaten and to cause damage. I am leaving soon but not before I know that she is safe from this domestic violence. Please help.





































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