Valeria Villa and Laura Stryker
hold therapy groups in English for mothers to support the English speaking community in
Geneva and neighbouring France




Practical details:
This is a bi-monthly group for mothers (starting from 30th September), delivered on zoom and in English.

Is this group for me?
It is open to mothers and those who identify as such at each stage of this journey. It is for those of you who desire to conceive; go through IVF; those of you who are pregnant, new mothers or more matured ones. Those of you whose children have left the nest and those of you who want to create a nest. This group is a space where you can get closer and explore what it means for you to be a mother.  

Why this group?
Becoming a mother is a life changing event. Up to 1 in 5 new mothers will experience mental health issues at various stages of this journey. The impact on women’s mental health is extensive and it’s not limited to the perinatal period (the weeks immediately before and immediately after birth). Indeed, women’s health is highly impacted in its various aspects for a long - and sometimes never-ending – time frame. We can think about the demands on women’s body, the physical change in one’s body; the struggle with birth; the new biological and physiological rhythm impacting carers of a baby. We should also count societal and cultural pressures, in terms of maternity leave and career prospects. Even family pressure is often registered as a detrimental factor’s for mothers. Supporting a mother means supporting the whole family. Indeed, cared for mothers often raise cared for children and sustain healthier relationship.  

How is the session structured?
Each session lasts 90 minutes. We will explore topics on motherhood and discuss with the aim of stimulating group and self-reflection. 

Mothers who are interested in self-awareness and personal growth can continue attending regular sessions where the therapeutic frame will be held and protected by the facilitators. Discussions and reflections will be facilitated by two qualified facilitators who will also hold the therapeutic frame and the required safety and confidentiality.  

This is a therapeutic space which means that those who are interested and committed in bringing themselves and their feeling to the shared space of the group will find listening, support, exploration and understanding which can lead to increase awareness and healing. 

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