Holding Space
For Anglophone women in the Languedoc

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This autumn I’m starting a women’s “circle” group for anglophone ladies (of all ages) to come together once or twice a month and connect in an ‘embodied way’. My background as a movement psychotherapist enables me to work with the body offering a variety of techniques to support individuals and groups. I’ve called this “Holding Space” because it is my intention to offer a place for women to be authentic and safely held; to bring out the wisdom within; to support each other; to offer each other experiences, insights and perspectives which help move us all towards positive change.

Perhaps you lack family support in France and would like to feel a motherly, daughterly or sisterly connection? Or you might simply be curious to know what it would be like to be part of such a warm and creative group?

I’ve been working with groups for 20 years and am committed in helping others discover ways to work through and unblock the patterns that can hold us back. Sometimes these patterns are unconscious and we struggle to feel free and let go of what no longer enables us to thrive. Letting go may sound easy but it’s sometimes the most difficult part of change. It happens slowly when we’re ready to learn and look at a situation with courage, accepting that we can no longer continue in the same way. This can sometimes be painful but the body has a way of letting us know when to let go. The ‘embodied approach’ will help you to connect with yourself and others in a deeper way: knowing and opening your wisdom and personal gifts which are rewarding to receive and share.

What might those difficulties look like for us to feel and share?
Adjusting to a new country, separation, divorce, finding work solutions, pregnancy, post-birth and menopause-related issues (to name but a few) can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. I also bring my own experience as a woman, wife and mother as well as therapist to the space where I hope to offer you a place to be seen, witnessed and heard — and above all to feel more confident in yourself.

The group’s purpose is to share experiences, offering support and exchange ideas as we move through many of life’s challenges, changes and struggles, as well as joys!

My role to is to observe and direct these changes that create inner currents and help you experience an embodied connection, not just an emotional or an intellectual one, so that together we bring the mind-body in alignment towards a holistic approach to well-being. We will discover creative, fun and poetical tools for self-expression and well-being.

How long?
10 sessions held once or twice a month. 150€ for the year: for ten sessions. Trial session 15€.

Where? A beautiful studio in Prades le Lez (North Montpellier)

When starting?
September - Mondays from 20.15 to 21.45

How will I get there? Drive/Tram to Occitanie and then we can organise car pooling.



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