Carers Support

  • Are you a carer looking after a family member who has difficulties with memory, mobility or mental health?

  • Would you like to meet with others who have similar experience?

  • Would you like to gain some tools and strategies to help?

Looking after a loved one at home can provide lots of challenges and can feel very difficult at times. We are looking to set up a group / groups for English speaking carers to help :-

  • carers through listening support

  • increase peer support by linking people together

  • increase understanding and knowledge of how memory difficulties & mental health can affect behaviour and communication

  • share practical strategies to help engage and enhance well being for carers

  • Provide a safe and supportive space to talk and relax

Groups supported by friendly professionals with knowledge and experience of mental health, disabilities and dementia.

Interested and would like to know more?

Contact : Niki or Dom  Tel: 07 85 01 83 41   Email : 



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