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At times in life we can feel 'stuck' and, sometimes, we need some help and support getting 'unstuck'. And that is what I do, I help you start to see your current issues from a wider perspective and, in doing this, support you in develop effective ways of tackling the issues that may be limiting you and positive moves towards ways of enhancing your life.

I have been a therapist for over 15 years and during that time have worked extensively within addiction/substance misuse services. I also worked for an NHS service, supporting people with long term health conditions. I have run my own private practice where I have helped people with a very wide variety of presenting issues which included anxiety and panic attacks, depression, work-related issues, relationship problems, sexual dysfunction, addictions and gambling.

My original training as a CBT therapist remains the foundation of my work but my way of working is always shaped by each individual and the way in which they are currently experiencing the world. This may incorporate issues such as anxiety, depression or relationship problems, but my aim is to see any of these within the context of one's life and, together, work out how things might change to bring about a sense of greater wellbeing.

I have been living and working in south west France for almost 4 years. This has given me valuable, personal insight into the adjustment to a new country, culture and language.

I offer a free, 20 minute Zoom call, so that we can meet and see if my way of working is a good fit with your current needs.

Siret: 888 795 887 0015

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