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My services
​Individual, couple or family therapy

100% committed to You
"I am committed to identifying the root cause of your personal or professional problems and to finding a lasting solution together. I offer a high-standard, customised counselling."

Cultivate Harmony in your Family
What bliss when each member enjoys being a part of the family and feels respected and supported in his or her aspirations!

Has a member of your family made a decision that destabilizes you? Whether it is a personal choice, a decision made together as a couple, or a professional decision, come share with me about it to help you feel at peace again.

Love beyond Borders
We are specialized in resolving differences due to cultural diversity.

Are you a mixed couple? It is essential to discern what values are important for your spouse and how to reconcile your expectations within your couple and family.​

Are you an expat family? I propose to deal with each family member's feelings and perceptions and work on the question of identity, especially for children being raised in two or even three different cultures.​

Are you a reconstituted family or have you adopted children? I will provide customized care to allow each member of the family to feel unique as well as a full-fledged member of the family.

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