Keira Rakoff

Paris 75010

France: 07 84 08 04 61
USA: +1 914-572-2873

Email address:


I am located in Paris, France. Originally I am from New York, USA. I live full time in Paris but travel quite often back to the United States.

My qualifications: I am a licensed NY State Mental Health Counselor (LMHC).

  • I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NY with my masterís in forensic Mental Health Counseling

  • I also have a second masters from France, for an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • I have worked in two separate substance abuse facilities, a private practice and a medical clinic

  • In the medical clinical I worked specifically with women whom were pre/post partum, and focused on issues relating to behavioral health (anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleep, weight)

  • I also have worked with individuals (18 and older, male & female) with backgrounds in trauma, although my expertise lies in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Change Management and Interpersonal Therapy. I also have helped individuals with career coaching and development

  • Online therapy

I will be offering online and phone therapy starting in January 2020. I will be utilizing Zoom for my therapy sessions (for online) and WhatsApp or general phone calls for phone therapy. For the time being I will only offer online and phone therapy, but the goal is for in person therapy within the year! I will offer a free assessment session.

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