Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Certificate in Cybertherapy
Integrative Counsellor and online therapist


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Ready to change your life for the better but donít want to commit huge amounts of time and money? Time-focussed counselling may be for you.

I now offer short- term work, where we can tackle specific issues in a structured way.

I work with clients for 6, 12 or 20 sessions, depending on their situation and need. I use a variety of approaches, including psychodynamic therapy and mindfulness, as well as CBT and coaching techniques.

If you are in the Carhaix area (29), we can meet face to face, either in my consulting room, or we can walk and talk- this is often a lovely way to explore thoughts and feelings, out in nature (weather permitting!).

Alternatively we can work in the following ways:

Email- We develop a sort of correspondence where you journal your thoughts, and I offer a detailed response to help you work through your issues. This is very well-suited to people who find the process of writing a good way to express themselves, and can provide some terrific insights. One advantage of this is that you have a permanent record of the process.

Telephone- Much of my work is carried out over the telephone. Sometimes it helps to focus on the tone of voice and the words, and not be distracted by the actual presence of the person. It can make it easier for some people to open up, especially if they have anxiety issues.

Video link- A useful compromise, especially if you are living somewhere rather isolated, or a long way away, but want to be able to see your therapist as you talk.

I am happy to combine these methods to suit your needs.

Contact me via my website: , where you will find more detailed information about me.


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