Please satisfy yourself that the counsellor you are contacting has the correct qualifications to meet your needs - this is something that can be clarified at the assessment session before you start working together or before you meet. All the counsellors on this site have stated that they are either trained (to Certificate level) or qualified (to Diploma level) or that they have an appropriate qualification to practise if they have been trained outside the United Kingdom. All have agreed, as a condition of being on this site, to work within the The BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy whether they are members of that body or not. All, within those guidelines, have adequate professional or peer group supervision and all have agreed to maintain client confidentiality within the contract made with the client at the start of counselling. See All About Counselling page

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It also remains the clients responsibility to be satisfied with the counsellors qualifications,  before embarking on counselling and to be happy that the counsellor they are seeing is working legally and within the guidelines stated above.

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