Hello, please can you give me some advice as I donít know where to turn. I came across your website while I was looking for counselling websites online. I used to be bisexual when I was a teenager but grew out of it when I was about 17. I met my husband while I was at university and we have two kids of 17 and 15. Iím going to be 50 this year. The problem is that I got very drunk at a party given by one of my neighbours who is separated from her husband and when everyone had gone, we ended up going to bed together. She was really embarrassed the next morning and now she is avoiding me but it has made me realise what Iíve been missing all these years as sex with my husband is so boring by comparison. I feel like my body has come alive again and that I need to rethink my whole life and sexuality. But my kids would be destroyed by it and my husband didnít ever know about my past. I donít know what to do whether to be true to myself or stick with my family. I canít leave and take the kids as my husband would never let it happen and the kids would probably decide to stay with their father if they knew Iíd had sex with a woman and they are really happy in their school. Please help me sort this mess out because I have to do something soon. Also, Iím worried the neighbour will tell someone else and he might find out anyway.

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