Please could you give me some advice. I live in south-western France and moved here in 1997. I have one child who goes to school locally and another who has left home and works in Paris. I have always considered myself to be obese and have tried hard to find a way to lose weight, not just because my husband hates me being fat but because I am tired of being out of breath and looking awful in clothes. Please donít tell me just to start eating sensibly as Iíve tried that and I just donít have the willpower. If I was still in England, Iíd probably go to Weight-Watchers or Slimming World but there is nothing here and my French isnít good enough to join a French club. I am starting to look on the Internet for some appetite-stopping drugs and wondered if you could advise me if this is a good way to lose weight? I feel that if I canít lose weight that way, Iím going to have to look into surgery as my life is passing me by without any hope of me feeling better.

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