"Am I feeling like this because I'm menopausal?"

I am desperately unhappy but I can't work out and separate the reasons for this. I have so many potential reasons for my unhappiness, that I am unable to see through them all and think clearly and come to any decisions. I'm menopausal and unable to take HRT, so I am suffering from many of the emotional problems associated with this time of life; I have left the UK, my family and friends and have been unable establish friendships here.

I find it difficult to learn French and find the people generally unfriendly; my husband works away from Monday to Friday so I am very lonely during the week and at weekends he seems to spend all his time doing what he wants and doesn't consider my needs; He has said if I want to return to the UK, then our marriage is over and I feel this is an ultimatum I cannot live with; he says we had an agreement to come abroad to work and live and if I want to change that then I must carry on alone. How do I see my way through all these issues?

I also feel guilty for leaving my children behind, and I cannot afford to go back to see them as often as I want because I cannot work here and so have little money. I cannot talk to my doctor because he makes no effort to understand me or help me understand him. If I don't understand him he just repeats himself more loudly in French. Most of the time I feel utterly hopeless and desolate and feel that there is no future.





































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