am an American who has started dating a French man. I am in my fifties and he is mid-sixties. I have genital herpes. Got it about 6 years ago and have had two outbreaks only. I take medication for it, Acyclovir, which is quite effective and I basically have forgotten that I have this virus. I have not been sexually active in 2.5 years (my own choice to clear my head/body and ground myself)....and now I meet this nice French man. We had sex together last week and I was so worried about having sex with him and what he would think of me (2nd date.. though I've known him awhile for 1.5 years as an acquaintance)...that I really totally forgot to mention my herpes to him.
I live a very multicultural life and am totally aware that sex, sexuality, std's (including herpes) are viewed very differently by different cultures. so my dilemma is how to tell him now and how he might perceive my not telling him right away. He did not ask so partially I cannot take all the blame but I am an honest person and tend to be straightforward, which means in our culture I am rejected often. I really really like this man so this is important to me. There are so many myths about the French in the U.S. and I'd love some clarity. So please any thoughts and suggestions would be most helpful indeed.





































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