My daughter in law has been showing signs of OCD* for the last five to six years. She doesn't think I know or that anyone knows. She has seen a "therapist" recently but it does not seem to have alleviated the problem.

Every room in the house is full of things she won't throw away, not rubbish but old toys etc. She is very illogical and constantly scared of things from chemicals to, well, anything really. She is always washing her hands in winter and they bleed. She appears to be unwilling to take any medication as she is afraid of drugs. She is afraid of everything from putting the washing outside in case of contamination to being unwilling to let the children play outside or touch things which may be dirty. My son is unable to cope and spends more and more time working to get away.

My dilemma is do I confront her with the fact that I am aware of her problems and would like to help or is this going a step too far? She will not tell her parents or anyone because she is presumably embarrassed or afraid. I would be grateful for any advice.


* OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder




































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