We have lived in France for several years. Our neighbour was widowed some time ago. Before her bereavement there were very unpleasant scenes over her cat and our very 'dangerous' dog - our small terrier. Her husband was abusive and shaking his fists and we felt that we no longer could maintain a relationship with them. After her husband died all help was refused, not only by us, but by friends also. We should add she has said she hates English people, but she is English. She has little contact with our very pleasant French neighbours. About a year after her husband died she began to watch our house from behind our hedge. She also hid from us if we were out walking our dog. In July last year she almost certainly vandalised our car and we incurred just over 1000 euros of damage. After this another neighbour told us that she was drinking heavily. We suspect that our rear tyre was tampered with 3 times and our post box was moved. The gendarmes were involved but of course we could not prove anything. We live in a small hamlet - there isn't anyone else here who would do this. Our neighbours are mostly retired and have lived here for a very long time. She is unpleasant to any friends of ours. Staring and refusing to acknowledge them. This week she has started to watch us again in the garden and also from a window in her house which overlooks our sitting room. It sounds silly to say this but we are very worried that she is building up to another episode. She waits for us to close our shutters, indeed she is waiting for us to close them She then closes her window 3 or four times very loudly and obviously with anger. We think she is in desperate need of help, but we in turn are becoming afraid. What can we do?

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