I have lived in France since I was 15 and gave birth to my first child who I started to bring up by myself with help from my parents as I lived with them. A few years ago, my mum and dad sold their house to change areas and to be near my older sister. I decided to stay here as I had found a boyfriend and thought it would be time start my life with my son. 

As the sale went fast, I needed to find a place of my own and found a one bedroom place. After a while my boyfriend and I thought we would live together. He was willing to take my son on and he loved him as if he was his own, so we became a couple with a child in a small place. A few years ago I became pregnant with my second child and this is where the trouble started.

I had a problem with the pregnancy and suffered a placenta praevia. As I knew that thing weren't going to be easy, we decided to ask for some help from my parents. I asked my mum if she could look after my son while I did my best to take my pregnancy to term. From then on things went bad. My second child was born at six months and spent two months in paediatric care near where we lived. Here I was with my son living miles away and my daughter fighting for her life, but as we knew that our son was safe and we spoke to him on the phone nearly every day, we thought things were going to be fine. The only thing we had left to do was move, but then a letter arrived to says that a French judge had put my son and my new baby under the assistance of a educateur and that also the CAF put it in the hands of a tutelle and we don't know why. Now we have moved and I have a 3rd child who is a year old.

In each report that is done for the judge, they say that my house is not clean and that my children don't get the love that they need and that we are incapable parents. I have become so depressed that I panic when they hurt themselves or I am so frightened that they will take my children away that my health is playing up. If this is what it is like having a family life, then I would never have started it.

Do they have the right to do this because it is ripping my family apart and I don't think I can take it much longer? All I want is that they leave us alone and that the rumours stop, because now everybody knows. Please help me

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