I do not really know where to start but my husband is severely depressed at the moment. He is finding life in France very difficult - we have no money, he has no work, we cannot see an end to our problems - he is talking irrationally and he will not go to the doctors because she is French and he says he doesn't want to have to think about what he wants to say in French.

He is resentful of everything, he cannot be bothered to do anything, he says he stays in bed because he thinks he is safe there. I really do not know what to do - he says the reason he is like he is, ie not responsible and 'destructive' although he does not use that exact word is because of his mother (he did have childhood difficulties) I feel a bit embarrassed, disloyal, shamed to say all of these things but I think he is close to a nervous breakdown of some kind, he has talked of suicide - I know people say this can be a cry for help - he was frighteningly different - he is a bit violent (although that seems too strong a word) but I am afraid of what he will do if he gets enraged, to himself, me; our home - he then feels guilty about his actions and that just makes thing worse - he says I deserve better and that he is rotten.


I do not know how he would react if he knew I was saying all of this to someone but I do not know what to do or how to arrange help without him knowing. I do not want to suffer the consequences - he will know I have sent an email, he will know if someone calls - I am asking for help and advice but I do not want him to know I have asked someone. I feel now just as trapped as him.

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