Therapist A is a counsellor and life coach with experience of working with alcohol and addiction issues as well as with eating disorders.
Reading your email and seeing "please don't tell me to just to start eating sensibly..." and what you went on to say has made me think that perhaps Overeaters Anonymous would be helpful to you. They have online meetings which you can access anywhere in the world on www.oa.org/online_meetings.html

OA is a self help organisation which has existed for a long time and there is a wealth of experience to support you including telephone contact. You would also find a lot of identification from people who are in a similar place as yourself and they can help you find solutions other than the drastic step of having surgery. Over the years in my practice, OA has certainly supported many clients like yourself.
Therapist B is a Relate-trained counsellor with experience of working with relationship issues and is an experienced couples counsellor
I'm really sorry to hear of your obesity problem & although I do sympathise with your feeling that only appetite reducing pills will help, I'd like to ask you a few further questions. I wonder how long you have felt overweight & whether you can remember what led to you overeating in the first place? It sometimes helps to identify the feelings inside that drive you to the biscuit tin? Is it linked to feeling sad, angry, or isolated, lonely, misunderstood or unappreciated? Have you had problems with self esteem before, when you were younger for example-sometimes the source of eating problems can be found in unkind, thoughtless remarks by parents, friends or schoolmates?
There are of course plenty of sites** devoted to helping you lose weight if you just tap in the appropriate words into Google, but I suspect that you probably know the 'rules' off by heart? However, it might help for you to try & jot down some reasons as to why you over eat before tackling the practical methods of reducing your weight-please feel free to write further if you think it would help to tackle the emotional reasons for over eating.
Best regards & bon courage

** There are no shortcuts to losing weight in a healthy and reasonable way. ... You can use a notebook or an online diary. At the end of the week, ...
The best chance of losing weight, and keeping the weight off, is to be committed to a ... You can learn about the power of your appetite, ways to resist it, ...
Therapist C is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with experience of working with relationship and many other issues.
You write that you have always considered yourself to be overweight. I am wondering whether there has been an increase in your weight recently. Have you noticed if you tend to put on more weight at certain times in your life? Our relationship with food is quite complex and can be connected to what happened in infancy and in childhood. Food can sometimes be used as a means of trying to comfort or reassure oneself. Unfortunately, it does not address the underlying source of the distress and suffering. You seem to be prepared to go to rather extreme measures to reduce your weight. I would like to ask you whether you have considered psychotherapy to address the cause of your unhappiness. Psychotherapy or counselling can be very helpful at times when one feels stuck in life and feels there is no way out of whatever difficulty is causing one to feel stuck. You mention that you feel that life is passing you by without any hope of your feeling better and you attribute that to your weight. What you write makes me wonder if you are not feeling lonely and isolated as each member of your family seems to have found a place for themselves in France but you do not mention any activities in which you are engaged. I wonder what has prevented you from learning French as you state that you have been in France since 1997. Maybe your view of yourself is preventing you from doing anything. Again, although you may attribute the way you feel about yourself to your weight, I would suggest that there may be other underlying causes that it would be helpful to address.