Are you a family carer of someone with
Dementia/Alzheimer’s or Depression ?

Being a caregiver to a family member at home can be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining.   No matter what the circumstances are, caregivers need to care for themselves too.   You are not failing as a caregiver if you feel you need support from time to time.

Joining a support group can help you to feel less lonely or stressed and give you a sense of control over your situation.    Even if you don't currently know anyone who has gone through your unique experiences, you can benefit from the experience of others in a similar situation to your own and build a community of support.  

Carer Support
is run by professionals with experience in mental health and
offers weekly support groups.

 Carer Support
runs non-profit Groups in
to provide hope, help and support to family Carers.

For further information 

Tel:   Jacqueline 02 96 29 70 37 or Sheelagh 02 97 27 81 36


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