Department 06

Eli Cookson FTF
Psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy

Madeleine Bcker F2F, OT, TT
Marriage and couples counselling, individual therapy

Angie Nelson-Gates F2F, OT, TT
Specialty couple therapy, individual therapy

Carol McCloskey FTF
Counselling and psychotherapy

Joanne Lewis Smith (Monaco) FTF, OT
Life coaching, stress management counselling

Erik van den Meerendenk FTF, OT
Life coaching and trainer, mainly for Dutch clients

Department 83

Mim Kay F2F, OT, TT
Relate counselling couples and individuals

Department 84

Henry Bungener F2F, OT, TT
Counsellor, clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst



Offers face-to-face therapy - F2F

Offering Skype/online therapy - OT

Offering telephone therapy available - TT