Department 75

Joanna Kaluzinska F2F
Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

Connie Vanesse F2F
Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

Emmanuelle Gira F2F
Psychotherapy, individuals and groups

Valerie Ventureyra F2F
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapy, CBT, Schema therapy, EMDR and ACT

Noreen Quinn-Singh F2F
Person-centred counselling, individuals and groups

Cecile Acket F2F, OT
Psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, accredited EMDR practitioner

Melinda Fogel F2F
Counselling, specialising children developmental challenges & autistic spectrum disorders.

Laura Neulat F2F
Clinical psychology, psychotherapy, specialism Brief Therapy

Nader Barzin F2F
Clinical psychology & psychoanalysis

Carole Gauthier F2F, OT
Gestalt therapy, EMDR oriented, psychotherapy

Victoria Woollard FTF
Clinical psychology and psychotherapy

Vivienne Gridley-Harvey F2F
Existential, relational & integrative psychotherapy

Dr Louis Monaco F2F
Clinical and forensic psychologist

Donna Verzaro F2F
Psychotherapy, addictions therapist, bereavement
Tamara Howell F2F, OT
Counselling and psychotherapy
Eliza Sweeney F2F
Art therapy

Department 93

Kerrylea Sampson F2F, OT
Psychotherapy & counselling, transactional analysis

 Offers face-to-face therapy - F2F
Offering Skype/online therapy - OT
Offering telephone therapy available - TT

Department 77

Wendy Saville F2F, OT, TT
Psychothynthesis counselling for adults, couples, families and children. Specialised in grief and addiction recovery

Joy Braddock F2F, TT
Person-centred and psychodynamic counselling

Department 78