Official, internationally-recognised introductory two workshops on Transactional analysis, Gestalt, and NLP.
These are often an official introduction to a particular model of how people function. They can be the start of training in the subject at a deeper level, or can be used as a stand-alone taster

Fully recognised professional training in Counselling and Psychotherapy.
At present we offer fully recognised training inn Transactional Analysis and are in the process of setting up fully recognised training in Gestalt psychotherapy

Professional supervision for psychotherapists and counsellors.
We offer regular group supervision in English with translation into French, Spanish, German and Rumanian for practitioners wanting clinical supervision of their professional work

Continuing Professional Development for therapists and psychologists.
There are regular short courses and training events which constitute continuing professional development for psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors. A certificate is available at the end of all events

Training in management and organisational development.
We offer a chance for individual, and small and large groups of people in organisations to come to the Centre for facilitated review of their work, or for training on their working practices. These are tailor made for the particular requirements of the business in question. Please contact us for further information and a chance to talk about your needs

Organisational and Occupational Psychology and Consulting.

We offer psychological and psychometric testing and assessment, individual executive coaching and development, and help with analysis of business functioning and performance. Our solutions focus upon helping people within organisations to work at their best, through greater understanding of themselves and others






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