Malachy Coleman - Psychotherapist

Using an integrated body-centred, solution-orientated approach to psychotherapy


When people seek out psychotherapy, it is because they are stuck in some kind of pain. Emotional, psychological, relational or existential pain.

In a secure, confidential space I provide people with a non-judgemental relationship where change can be fostered in the direction people wish for themselves which leads to a more meaningful life.

Therefore, in the work together the emphasis is placed on exploring how you do the things you do rather than on why you are do them to promote the desired change. Part of this "how of things" is what we feel when we do things. So I keep the focus on sensorial experience because as recent neuroscience research shows this is a key to transforming being stuck in emotional or psychological pain into meaningful life change.

I also work in a solution-orientated way. That means I help people identify what works in their lives and where they are trying to get to.  Immediate pressing problems tend to take the centre stage and push all these resources to one side.

Once this ground is recovered we can move forward to sort out difficulties with much greater ease. As a result the number of therapy sessions required can be reduced quite significantly.

I offer people short-term or long-term psychotherapy services at my office in Nantes.
I work face to face with adults, adolescents and children in individual one-to-one sessions. I also work with couples, parents, and families and run a closed therapy group for adults.

I provide online therapy support when requested through a secure platform.
From time to time, I run workshops in the enneagramme, a system of nine personality types to improve self-understanding and increase awareness of the motivation hidden behind much of our behaviour.

Training Background
Originally from Ireland, I have lived in France for over 22 years and work with equal ease in English or French. That means I am both bi-lingual and bi-cultural and keenly aware of the difficulties and challenges of living in France as a native English speaker.

I began my psychotherapist training in 1994 and have been committed to improving the services I provide ever since. That's why I have trained in several different modalities – Biodynamics, Biosynthesis, Systemic Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Solution-orientated Therapy, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Trauma Therapy, Narrative therapy – all of which encompass, in different ways, the importance of sensorial experience to successful psychotherapy work.

My office is located at 27/29 route de Vannes, 44100 Nantes. Tramway Line #3 - Station “St.Thérèse”. Interphone "Coleman/#103". 1st floor via the lift.

If you want more information or wish to book an appointment, you can call me on
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