Leslie Ellen Ray, M.S., L.M.F.T.
Psychothérapeute Diplomée

I am an American-trained and licensed psychotherapist with a specialty in working with Anglophones living abroad and navigating cultural adjustment issues and personal growth explorations. My primary therapeutic focus is on transition, and in particular, the transition of cultural adjustment. In my 25+ years of working with people, I find that change often brings with it interpersonal challenges and crises. What may seem like obstacles that arise from transition are valuable opportunities for personal exploration
and growth.

I have served as an innovative educator and consultant and since relocating to France from California in 2004, I have worked with Anglophone expats as well as working closely with study abroad programs and international companies. I have led groups on parenting, mothers and daughters in healing dialogues, meditation and creativity. I have also developed stress management, wellness and yoga programs in corporate settings, including Merrill Lynch in San Francisco and the Department of Defense in Southern California. I served as a co-director of a scientific study funded by NIH (National Institute of Health) and conducted through UCSD (University of California at San Diego) exploring the effectiveness of two meditation protocols in the treatment of OCD. I developed, and served as the first director of, the wellness program at IAU College in Aix en Provence (Institute for American Universities) and I continue to work with American university students who are in study abroad programs throughout France and internationally.

Now that I am living both in California and France, I am able to offer personal sessions in France when I am there and then work can continue seamlessly with sessions scheduled to uniquely fit your schedule via tele-therapy. All that is needed is an Internet connection able to be accessed in a quiet, private space in which you can work as you would in a face-to-face session.

For more information and to schedule a rendezvous, contact me at leslie13100@gmail.com

Please visit my website: www.aixcentreville.blogspot.com

Siret: 513 800 672 00018


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