There are people using this website who would like to read your story. It may be a true story about your life or something that happened to you or someone else. It may be a useful article that you have written. It may be an e-book which you would like people to read. You can:

  • publish on here and allow your material to be read free of charge by everyone

  • allow people to read the first chapter of an e-book free and then sell subsequent chapters

  • publish an article or account which would help or inform people visiting the website

  • submit a poem which expresses how you feel

You don't have to reveal your own name unless you want to. If you want to show an ebook and ask people to pay for subsequent chapters or the complete book, it must be through a Paypal account so that both parties are protected. Please ensure you know your copyright rights before publishing on here. Counselling In France accepts submissions to this section on the understanding that you take responsibility for your copyright and accept that this website cannot advise.

If you would like to send something in to this section, please get in touch with Anne. It must be original and written by you.