No Panic France

No Panic was started over 15 years ago in the UK by Colin Hammond. Colin decided, after suffering from anxiety and agoraphobia for many years, that he would like to help fellow sufferers. He and his wife Marian set up a helpline that in its first year took 253 calls. The charity quickly grew and now takes over 60,000 calls a year, has over 95 volunteers and over 3000 members!

No Panic is a totally voluntary charity, whose aims are to aid the relief and rehabilitation of those people suffering from Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, other related Anxiety Disorders, including Tranquilliser Withdrawal, and to provide support to sufferers and their families and or carers.

We live in an age where anxiety is an accepted part of daily life. Will I get to work on time? Will the bills get paid? Will the car start? These are examples of "normal" anxiety which we have all experienced during our lives and which represent relatively small problems.
However, for people who suffer from Anxiety Disorders these "small" problems get blown up out of all proportion and can dramatically affect their lives, resulting in such severe anxiety that they may well develop Panic Attacks and / or Phobias and / or Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders. These illnesses ruin the quality of sufferer's lives and subsequently also ruin the quality of life of their families, partners and carers. They frequently result in the sufferer becoming handicapped, severely disabled and even excluded from society, e.g. not able to go to parties, take holidays and many sufferers are unable to go to work.
The good news is that sufferers can and do get better but it takes a lot of help and support along the way and that is where NO PANIC comes in. We try to help people to return to a fulfilling and satisfying life-style.

In 2004 No Panic was very proud to extend their services to Southern Ireland, where in itís first year took in excess of 1,500 telephone calls!

No Panic France was launched in August 2008, if you would like more details on our work or would like an information pack, please contact the No Panic France office on 09 79 67 65 14 or the No Panic France Helpline on 02 51 28 80 25. Email  or visit the website